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Mary from FL

I purchased my Lucy from Ling at Lake Sai Standard Poodles. She is lovely in every way. I can not imagine our lives without her! Anytime I have had questions Ling is always more than happy to help us by sharing any information. I feel more than comfortable recommending her breeding program and puppies to anyone who is looking for a top quality, healthy puppy.

SARA from KY:
So thankful to have Dexter in our family!! He is absolutely amazing...he is super sweet, intelligent and very playful! Thank you! 

Victoria from FL

Hi it's Victoria. I want to tell you how much we are enjoying these two beautiful puppies that have such lovely temperaments and are such overall happy puppies. I want to thank you for all your hard work to help these puppies come into a warm safe world. It is clear that you have spent a lot of time nurturing these puppies and we are the beneficiaries of your hard work and love. Thanks 1 million.


 Katie from Salt Lake City UT 

Hello, its Katie (Syn's owner out of PriyaxRohit). I wanted to give you an update and share some photos. She is doing great, and getting big! I gave her her first 'big girl' haircut yesterday, and she behaved very well.  Also, she completed the AKC S.T.A.R puppy class and received her certificate and medal yesterday. Im so proud of her! We Love her natural tail!!  

Synthenum of Lake Sai is out of Priya x Rohit 

She is on the way to become a Service/Therapy dog! Congrats Katie and Syn!!!