Pancake Fang     Color: Apricot        AKC: PR02038301

Birthday: May 15 2003 - July 03 2017
High: 26 inches, 62 lb

                            A tribute to my Love: 

Beloved Pancake Fang breathed his last on Monday, July 3rd 10:41 pm in my arms at home. 
Pancake, mommy wants to thank you again for saving my life numerous times.... physically and emotionally....

It's the most difficult yet lucky day to see you passing before my eyes. I believe it is a blessing to hold my animals and see their last breath in my arms instead ended by a needle on cold table...

My Pancake, You helped me to rediscover The Unconditional LOVE as a human more than any human. Your sweet, loving , generous, forgiving nature and sense of justice are beyond any beings I have seen.

As an embodiment of Love and Joy, you had brought the best time and years for me here.... there is no word to express my appreciations and the honor that I was able to be your human mommy for 14 short years.

Life is Love and I Love you so much and dearly... 
Come back, please! My baby Pancake~ we will go hiking again. We will make art together and have road trips again. Just you and Me....

Mommy will miss you forever... the world is missing some colors without you...

To my friends, I thank you
had cared for him, patting him, or even had a kind thought about him....he was truly an amazing being. Please click ❤️ for us.

With Love,

July 3 2017 

Pancake is the main reason for me to get into breeding Standard Poodles.  He has saved my life physical and emotionally a few times since I moved to Chicago.  Later, I found his health conditions do not fit for breeding.  It encourages me to improve this amazing breed.  

Pancake is one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen. He knows more than 200 words in English. When Anthony and I were talking, we needed to spell the words in order not letting Pancake noticed.  He is like a smart young child, and always looking for love and attentions.  

 He is playful, loving, strong, handsome and brave.  I took him on a 14-day hiking/camping trip in Appalachian Trail.  He sensed the dangerous in wild, and protected me in front of my tent.  The first picture was taken March. 2014.  Today, Pancake is at the age of 14; he is still healthy, walking around the farm with other dogs.  His focus on me and being a good sport since I have had him as a puppy.  He is my forever Love....

Standard Poodles are loving, athletic, versatile, and love to be with their human. 

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