They are all loving mothers to their kids.  Their milk nurtures the entire family- human and animals.  Plus they all have awesome performance bloodlines. 



Little Tot’s Estate Physostegia (AKA Sophie) - (2/2/12) SOLD

Sire – Little Tots Estate Celtis

SS: *B Rosasharn HR Chewbacca

SD: Little Tots Estate Dahlia

Dam – 2*M Little Tots Estate Darmera

DS: +B AGS Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue

DD: 1*M Kaapio Acers Tinkerbell

Sophie is our best performance doe.  She produces 4.5 lb and 9.2 % butterfat as a young doe for the first 3 months of her lactation.  However, Sophie is mourning of the lost of her doeling.  She refuses to eat her grains and only nibbles a bit hay and kelps after the doeling was weaned and purchased.  We are treating her with homeopathic medicine and herbal tunic these days.  Sophie was excused from the 2015 LA.  The Judge took a hard look on her, and told us she is an exceptional goat.  





Rosasharn Mandonna Promise 5M*- (4/10/2012)

                                 2015 LA VVVV 86

Sire-Rosasharn’s BH Pino Grigio +S

SS: Rosasharn’s TL Bully Hill

DS: Rosasharn’s SW Sake

Dam- Rosasharn BB Black Madonna Honey

SS: Rosasharn’s B-Bo

SD: ARMCH Rosasharn’s Buckwheat Honey











Little Tots Estate Kalanchoe - (2/11/2008) Blue Eyed

2015 LA VVVE 88 

1 x Jr. Ch

1 x Rs GCH

Sire-Woodhaven Farm Levi Legend +B

GS: Woodhaven Farms Leviathan 

GD: Woodhaven Farms Fetching

Dam-Little Tot's Estate Mimulus

GS:PGCH/MCH/CH Little Tot's Estate Tsuga +B

SD:Little Tot's Estate Anemone


Little Tots Estate Heliconia - 8/27/12

LA 2014 84, 2015 VVEV 87

Sweet postion and working doe she is.  Heliconia is beautiful and a delight doe to have. 


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Little Tots Estate Annette Lue - (2/10/2011) )Sold 

2015 LA VVVV 86

Sire –  B* Rosasharn HR Chewbacca

SS: Rosasharn TF Honey Bear

SD: 2*M AGS Rosasharn’s TL Arwen

Dam – 1*M AGS Little Tot’s Estate Euphorbia


DD: AGS Little Tot’s Estate Choisya

Annette has matured at our farm in the past 2 years.  She is a sweet and good producer.  She kidded one buckling in Spring 2015, and DHI with 2.8 lbs and 3.8% butterfat.  







Little Tots Estate Abena -(1/31/2012) 

2015 LA VV+E 88

Sire: Little Tots Estate Celtis

SS: *B Rosaharn HR Chewbacca

SD: Little Tots Estate Dahlaia

Dam: Little Tots Estate Hesperis

DS: +B AGS Rosaharn SS Sequoia

DD: Little Tots Estate Pelargonium





1*M SG (Superior Genetic)  NC Promisedland B Peppermint - (10/15/2012)


LA 2014, 84, 2015  V+VV 86

Sire: NC Promisedland Sharpe Blanco *B

GS: GCH Caesar's Villa STS Sharpie +B

DS: SGCH NC Promisedland Rain-Beau 2*M

Dam- NC Promisedland RB Sunflower 

GS: SG NC Promisedland Ram-Beau +*B
DS: SGCHNC Promisedland Good Day Sunshine 1*M