D&D Guardian Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions: WHAT IS THE DEVI & DEVA GUARDIAN PROGRAM? DEVI means a FEMALE puppy.  DEVA referrals to a MALE puppy.  

Our D&D GUARDIAN PROGRAM allows for you to have a “Devi/Deva Puppy”, or adolescent/adult breeding dog for just a fraction of the price. This puppy or dog is part of your family forever, while the breeding rights are retained by Lake Sai Standard Poodles for a short-term prescribed amount of time. Once this dog has completed his/her breeding career, he/she will be spayed or neutered at our expense. This dog will always remain a forever member of your family and at the end of our short term contract will become your full property!

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IS THERE A COST INVOLVED?  Yes, initially. We do not give these dogs or pups away. The cost of a Devi/Deva dog/puppy requires a deposit of $1250 which is 1/2 our companion puppy price.

At the birth of this dog's first litter, we will refund the entire deposit of $1250 back to you and will also pay you $1000 for each additional litter as a way of saying “thank you” for participating in our D&D Guardian Program.  We also provide additional awesome benefits through our Puppy Shares Program.

You are responsible for the general routine veterinary care and wellness of the puppy/dog placed with you. This means annual vaccines, feeding Life's Abundance Premium Health Food, supplements and treats, grooming, monthly heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, training, regular exercise and socialization, and most importantly all the love and care and attention possible...

Any “breeding related” medical costs are the sole expense and responsibility of Lake Sai Standard Poodles. You are only responsible for routine maintenance and medical care just as would be expected of any other responsible pet parent!
WHY IS THERE A COST INVOLVED? We have found that having an upfront $1250 deposit for these puppies and dogs is essential in finding the absolutely BEST homes for these wonderful dogs!  By doing this, we eliminate those folks who may be doing the program for the wrong reasons!  Again, we have done this as part of ensuring the health and benefit of every wonderful member of our Lake Sai Standard Poodles family!

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WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF BEING PART OF THE D&D GUARDIAN PROGRAM? First of all, you get the very best that Lake Sai Standard Poodles has to offer in the Standard Poodles. This means that we choose our breeding stock based on the best qualities that are outlined in our breed standard with temperament of course coming first. 

Another wonderful benefit to you is that this dog or puppy will be completely health tested by 12 months of age (some tests may be done as early as 16 weeks of age) at the expense of Lake Sai Standard Poodles prior to entering our breeding program at no cost to you!

Also, you get to enjoy the excitement of being a part of our breeding program, and will see the offspring of your very own dog placed with families across the country ~ bringing others the same joy and happiness that you have experienced with your Devi/Deva Dog!

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WHAT IS THE D&D GUARDIAN PROGRAM SHARES PLAN? Upon enrollment in the D&D Guardian Program, you will receive an Executive Starter Kit with Life's Abundance.  This package is valued at over $300 and has product samples from the Life's Abundance line of Holistic Veterinarian formulated products. And there are more perks in this program....

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WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE D&D GUARDIAN PROGRAM? To be considered as a member of the D&D Guardian Program for one of our breeding dogs, we require that you live within 100 miles of our farm, Peotone IL. It is necessary that you have physical fencing to provide a safe and secure environment for your dog/puppy, own your own home, and have a schedule that will allow for your dog to not be left alone for extended periods of time. All dogs and pups placed in this program must be indoor dogs, and never be left outside unattended. You must have reliable transportation, and a willingness to bring your dog/pup to us when needed for breeding purposes.

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SO HOW DOES IT WORK? Most all of our dogs/pups available for our D&D Guardian Program will be females. Occasionally we will have a male available as well!

If you are applying for a young adult, or mature Devi/Deva dog, she will already come to you completely health tested, and may have just a couple more breedings for us (depending on her age and the number of litters she has had) prior to her being spayed and released solely to you as a forever pet. When the dog is in heat,you are required to contact us immediately. An intact female usually has a heat cycle that will last between 14 and 21 days. During this time, we will need access to her for breeding related appointments. Once she has been bred, she will remain with you until one week before her due date. At that time, your dog will come back to stay with us until the birth of her litter, and will be returned once her pups are fully weaned at approximately 6 weeks of age. You are welcome and encouraged to visit with scheduled appointments while your Dog is at Lake Sai Standard Poodles.

If you are applying for a D&D Guardian Program puppy, she will come to you at 8 weeks of age. During the first year, Lake Sai Standard Poodles will have her health testing completed. Once we receive all of the results from her health testing, we are then able to assess whether or not she will enter our breeding program. If for any reason we decide not to breed the puppy placed with you (this is a decision solely made by Lake Sai Standard Poodles) we will then pay to spay your puppy, and this dog will become your full property at no additional cost to you!

If you are receiving a D&D Guardian Program Puppy, we ask that you send us monthly photos and updates during the first year so that we can watch her develop, and update our website. We also will require scheduled visits two to three times a year with you to assess the your puppy, as well as build a relationship with her for when she comes to stay with us during whelping.

HOW MANY LITTERS WILL A FEMALE PRODUCE? Each dog is individually assessed before determining how many litters they will have.  Most of our Davi/Dava dogs will have between 1-4 litters for us, but will have no more than a total of 4 litters. The health and well being of our breeding dogs is a priority to us, and prior to any breeding, Lake Sai Standard Poodles will receive clearance by both our Reproductive as well as our regular Veterinarian.  Females are first bred at 2 years of age.  Occasionally we may decide to have fewer litters if we feel it is in the best interest of the dog to do so! Again, this is determined by Lake Sai Standard Poodles.

WHY HAVE WE CHOSEN TO DO THIS D&D GUARDIAN PROGRAM? That is simple to answer!!!  Here at Lake Sai Standard Poodles our aim is to provide superior quality puppies and excellence of service to all our puppy parents!  We have also done everything in our power to make our breeding program top notch in every conceivable way!  We start with the Best of the Best fully health tested, with diverse genetic pools  breeding dogs that are Champions or Champion bred.  We continue with top quality care, nutrition, love and socialization.  We thoroughly interview every interested puppy applicant to make sure our dogs and puppies only go to the Best of the Best homes!  We make sure we are there for the life of every puppy that leaves our care and we have even developed an amazing online complete 12 week puppy training program FREE of charge for every family that takes one of our sweet dogs home!  Our D&D GUARDIAN PROGRAM was put in place for this very reason!  We found that our Lake Sai Standard Poodles puppies were in greater demand than we could possible supply....so the "D&D GUARDIAN PROGRAM"  was born!  This program allows for our dogs to live the normal, happy life they are SO deserving of and at the same time allows us to continue build a superior breeding program!

If you are interested in being part of our Lake Sai Standard Poodles Family, we would love to chat with you!  Click here to fill out an Application today!

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