Ling-An Fang,  SRT/MDS Practitioner,  RM, Akashic Records Channeler, Phyllis Krystal Methods Practitioner, Visual Artist, writer, an Organic Farm Owner- Lake Sai Farm. Ling-An is a Chinese-American healer and artist. As a visual artist, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Temple University (BFA) and the University of Illinois in Chicago (MFA). Her work has been exhibited in numerous national and international, institutions, and UNESCO site. She “sees and feels” her projects before they are created. Ling-An started her spiritual searching at a young age. She traveled around the world to gain her spiritual training and meditated in the woods in Europe, India and the Himalayan Range. And finally in 2009 a local shaman in Rome Italy contacted Ling-An about divine messages for her; Ling-An then, gradually accepted her Life Mission and Calling as a Divine Instrument in the Golden Age.

Ling-An offers:

  • Spiritual Response Therapy & Healing with Multi-Dimensional Self

  • Akashic Records Channelings

  • Spiritual Consultations

  • Creative Healing Art Classes

  • Guild Meditations: work with symbols and visualizations that cut off the ties with past karma, old relationships and unwanted traits.

“Love All and Serve All” is her life motto.  

~ Ling-An Fang (Prashanti Nilayam) 

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What is Akashic Records?

“Akasha is a Sanskrit word, and means the space within our Universe.

• Contain the vibrational records of each individual soul and its journey.

• Every person is entitled to access their own Records.

• The Records of another person can be opened only with their permission.

• Accessing the Record is extremely valuable. The Records can be used as a tool to assist you in manifesting your own Life Purpose.

• The purpose of accessing the Akashic Records is to dignify each individual and situations.