We are a small Organic Farm located in Chattanooga TN Area.

We have a small herd ND goats, and their milk is for us and farm animals.  They are loved and adored in our farm.

We use all certified organic oils and herbs to make soaps and milk products. 

KISS a goat, hug a tree, listen to the wind sing to the ears~
Be present with the creator, and enjoy the creations from the Mother Earth.- Lake Sai Farm

Gifted and trained as artists we are everlasting learners, makers and healer.  Our background are fine art, language art, design and architecture. (Please explore Art & Life pages)

We have traveled around the world more than 30 countries, then moved from downtown Chicago to rural area for a new living style. We want to be able to eat healthy and gradually self sustained organically.

 We started Lake Sai Farm 40 miles south of city of Chicago in 2012, then recently moved to Chattanooga TN area. We practice organic, food, feeds, and detergents around our farm and home.  We plant some organic vegetables, keep a hive of honey bees, raise a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats, three horses, a few free ranged ducks, and a pack of standard poodles.  We nurture them with love and feed them organic foods/non-grains feeds.  They are part of our family, and more of our health caretakers in a way.

Please explore our page, and have a peaceful and beautiful day on earth. 

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